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Fall Conference

Fall Conference

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Fall Conference & Awards Banquet

November 20 & 21, 2014

Crowne Plaza Hotel, 100 Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT

logo 2014

Thank you for your attendance!

Preliminary count was 548 on Thursday and 475 on Friday!
We sincerely thank all the presenters for sharing their programs, insights and teaching tips with us! Special thanks to edconn for sponsoring Dr. David L. Katz, Keynote Speaker on Friday! We appreciate all the companies and organizations that took the time to exhibit. We hope you made some new contacts, hugged a friend, viewed the exhibits, and took home some new learning and new ideas to try in your work setting!!
Please consider sending a note of thanks to our Planning Committee chaired by Past President Bryan Plona - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and tell him what was valuable to you and volunteer your services for the 2015 Fall Conference!

Thank you for bringing non-perishable food items for a local food bank.   Steve Pernal's name was drawn for the one-day registration for the 2015 CTAHPERD Fall Conference.

A message from Eddie Kovel - Playout The Game Exhibitor

Hi there!

It was great meeting you recently at the CTAHPERD conference! Thank you for doing what you do every day to get kids healthy and active! We eally appreciate your support for *Playout*, and we want to return the favor. When it comes to fitness, we at *Playout* are here to help you motivate and engage your kids in any way we can!

Check out this video of our very first school presentation!

​Many of you purchased cards, and many of you were interested in learning more and ordering online, so I've attached some information, including the *15 games* you can play with your decks, our *order form*, and a flyer describing our *school fitness program*, which we plan to bring to Connecticut in the coming months!

*We are honoring all discounts until 2015*. If you'd like to order 10 or more decks, please fill out the order form, scan it, and send it to me so I can give you the discount. Otherwise, just go to our website, .

If you are interested in bringing us out to your school this Spring, please email or call me (2034997060) directly.

For additional information, videos, and teacher testimonials, please visit our website,

Thanks again for all your support!


Eddie Kovel, Founder and CEO at Playout, LLC

"Why workout when you can PLAYOUT!"

Phone: 203-499-7060203-499-7060

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Additional handouts will be posted when made available to us by speakers.



Fab 5 Dances for Elementary PE

Let’s Kick Heart Disease with Tae Bo Fitness 2

Sport Education: An Engaging Curriculum

No Latex! No Balloons?? No Problem!

School Tennis Program

This room is set up for Session II.

11:00 – 12:00


Learning on Your Feet

Wellness Breathing Principles for Mental Clarity & Focus

Awaking the Body Through The Energetic Breath

This room is set up for Session II.

11:00 – 12:00

More Winning Activities—Elementary PE

PASS Through the Common Core

Common Core and YOU: Making Connections

5th Annual

Dee Perrelli

College Bowl

Fun Drum: Building Inclusive Communities

Still More Cooperative Challenges You Have Never Seen

Deliberate Practice Across Sport Variables

Large Group Fitness Games

Double Dipping: Wellness Games & Activities—Address HPE Standards

Observation Worthy Lessons Middle School Health

One, Two, Three... Breathe and Be Present

Motivating Students Towards Wellness

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Teens in US

Whatever Happened - Comprehensive Health?

Special Needs: Functional Fitness for Life

Mutually Beneficial School University Partnerships

PBIS and PE…

An Easy


Learn How To Publish in Strategies


Energize Brain & Body With Speed Stacks

Winning Activities at the Secondary Level

Gaelic Football

Motivate + Participate = Elevate

Breaking A Sweat Without Breaking The Bank

Classrooms in Action Workshop 

8:00-10:00 am Keynote**10:00 —12:00 noon Math & Movement**12:00-12:15 Let’s Move Active Schools** 1:00-2:30 Let’s Make a PACT**2:30-3:30 Rhythmical Brain

Transforming PE Through Technology

Hypertrophy Training in Adolescents

Technology Tips From The Trenches


Tchoukball—Group Game Secondary

Welcome to Your First PE Class

Putt Putt PE

Epigenetic Role in Nutrition/Exercise and Sport Choices

Ways To Make PE Affordable

Achieving and Maintaining   Spinal Health

CT SDE Updates, Emerging PE Issues and Trends

K-12 Grab Your SQAIR and GO!

Team Building and Cooperative Games You Can Use Immediately

PLAYOUT Fitness Program & Exercise Card Games





Zumba Breakdown: Engage, Enrich, and Educate

Motown Magic

I Hope You Dance!

Learn and Teach Circus Right Away

Rev Up Your Limited Time in Physical


This room is set up for Session II.

11:00 – 12:00

Getting To The Heart of Learning

ACTION Games with MVPA


Gaelic Football

This room is set up for Session II.

11:00 – 12:00

Learning While Moving—Moving to Achieve

Archery: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Common Core and You: Making Connections


Fun Drum: Building Inclusive Communities

Large Group Fitness Games

Get Going With Glorious Grids

The Power of Food: Classroom Tools That Work

 Creating an Environment for Success in HS PE

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Teens In U.S.

Observation Worthy Lessons for Middle School Health

Whatever Happened to Comprehensive Health?

One, Two, Three Breathe and Be Present

Motivating Children Towards Wellness

Does High School PE Class Really Matter?

Special Needs Functional Fitness for Life

Creating Equal Opportunities for Students


Using iPads in Physical


Playout Fitness Program and Exercise Card Games

Perform Olympic Lifts With Body Weight

Double Dipping

Wellness Games

Math and Movement in PE

Fitness Innovations

Active Brains: Fitness, Common Core & More

Fuel at School:

Helping Every Child Get Ready to Learn


Ten Minute Power Stories

Implementing Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Strategies

The Power of Food: Classroom Tools That Work

SDE Updates, Emerging Issues & Trends

Exploring the Outdoors

Cooking With Class

Hazing—Is It Happening At Your School?



Health Ed Lesson Content & Assignments

Epigenetic Role in Nutrition, Exercise, Sport Choices

Using Layered Curriculum in Health Education

Secondary Health Ed Classroom Activity & Assessment


K-12 Grab Your SQAIR and GO!           

Flying Footwork, Improving Agility and Sports


Teaching the Food System

Implementing CPR Into Your

Health or PE Class







8:00 - 9:00


10:45 - 11:45






2:30 - 3:30

Dancing With Muska Mosston

Help Students Connect + Communicate

Physical Activity

The Action Based Learning Lab: Leaving No Brain Behind

Energizers To Share with Classroom Teachers

Action Based Literacy

This room is set up for Session II.

11:00 – 12:00

Small Spaces, Small Equipment


Inspiring Cross Curricular Athletic Activities & Games


This room is set up for Session II.

11:00 – 12:00

Mad for iPad?

Survivor: Cognitively and Physically Stimulating Games

Fun With Ultimate Frisbee

4th Annual

Dee Perrelli

College Bowl

Stack It, Move It, Use It: Fitness Stacking with Speed

Trust with Your Eyes Wide Open

Afro Caribbean Drumming & Dance

No Pencils in My Gym! Quick Assessments


Aligning HPE To The Common Core

Teacher Evaluation for PE & Health

Supporting Implementation of Sexual Health Education

Healthy Habits Programming II Comprehensive

SLO’s, IAGD’s, SMART Goals

Sport Ed & Multiple Intelligences


Bring It On! Using Technology to Increase 4 C’s

New Sport Ed Role: Sport Nutritionist

Your Guide To A No Complaint Field Day

Sandbag Training for Fitness Curriculum

Do The Locomotion—Games

for K-2

How To Catch and Where To Throw in Softball & Baseball

You Are Done With Fitness Testing...Now What?

How To Start A Physically Active Classroom Concept Your School

Classrooms in Action Workshop

Classrooms in Action Workshop

Classrooms in Action Workshop

Classrooms in Action Workshop

Classrooms in Action Workshop

Utilizing EDMODO in HPE Classroom

Fund School Wellness with Fuel Up to Play 60

PA Connect

Utilizing Technology to Enhance PA

School Wide Daily Fitness Program

DNA and How We Exercise & Enhance With Nutrition


Individualiza-tion of Instruction Embracing Diversity

Training The Next Generation—AHA CPR

Up Close & Personal: Effective Learning for Students-Part 1

Up Close & Personal: Effective Learning for Students-Part 2

Relationships of Levels of Fitness  & Body Size On Academic

Common Core and You: Making Connections

Healing Health and Wellness Through the Energetic Breath

The Real World  Physical Education Style

Grab Your SQAIR and GO


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CTAHPERD is an affiliate of Innovative CEUs. Register for online youth and secondary coaching courses. Approved for 15 clock hours to renew a CT Coaching Permit.

Open Coaching Education above for details.



Issues & Legislation

The SHAPE America Legislative Action Center provides you with the information and resources you need to address the health, physical activity, dance, and sport issues being debated on Capitol Hill.

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